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Our mission is to provide financial relief to Chicagoland families caring for children with Sickle Cell Disease. In addition, we want educate children, family members, and community members on the effects of Sickle Cell, while encouraging them to push forward to live fulfilling lives. This includes making efforts to policy changes in the healthcare industry. Finally, we will create a network where children and adolescents can connect and support each other.


Founder, Kayla Williams, created Kay’s Korner as a person that was born with Sickle Cell Anemia. As a kid, her mother moved her closer to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and she remembers all the doctors and nurses making her feel so special. Even interacting with the other patients there, it made her feel like she was not alone. 

Kay’s Korner wants to give that insurance back to other children. We believe that it is important that children are well educated on their conditions in order to be as healthy as they can. Children should not feel limited to live life the way they want due to their illness. We are dedicated to making sure children experience life. Each donation made to Kay’s Korner will go towards families, scholarships, and even events to give children the confidence to live their lives beyond their illnesses. 

Meet The Team


Kayla Williams
Founder & CEO

Khiree - Pic 1 - Khiree Cross.jpg

Khiree Cross Vice President

Professional Man

Cody Morrison, J.D.

Professional Smiling Woman

Lakenya Chapman

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