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The Kay’s Korner Foundation was founded to aid families of children with Sickle Cell Disease. We aim to educate families, adolescents, and children about their conditions as well as connect them with other children that share what they are going through. Each donation is made to bring families together.

1 IN 10

American Children will be born with the blood disease

1 IN 13

African-American children will be born with Sickle Cell Disease

About Kay's Korner

We offer a safe space for children and families with blood disorders through financial support. When you make a donation, you help a family move forward with a purpose.

Upcoming Projects

Transition Warriors

Please reach out to us if you have any trouble your transition journey. This includes transition to adult care, to college, or to the workplace. We want to provide support into the next phase of your life, and it should be seamless process.


Join us in helping fight against blood-borne disease today!

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Our team of mentors and volunteers are dedicated to all of our children.

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